• Anderson Income
    Tax Service, LLC
  • A Subsidiary of KSGA, LLP
  • 17918 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 201
  • Artesia, CA 90701 USA
  • Call: (562) 809-4449
  • Fax: (562) 809-1299
  • Email:info@anderson-tax.com

Client Logins

Anderson Income Tax Service, LLC,, a subsidiary of KSGA, LLP, is offering clients access to online information sharing through the portal provided by Sharefile.


The Sharefile portal permits Anderson associates and firm clients to exchange documents and information securely over the internet.

Clients provided access to the portal will receive confirming emails with this portal login link, as well as a temporary password, which can be entered into the initial login prompt using their computer's copy and paste function.

Clients will have to reset their password during the first login. (New passwords should have four elements: capital and lowercase letters, a number and at least one special character, such as the @ or # sign.)

More information

For more information or to obtain your online access to Sharefile, please contact Anderson Income Tax Service, LLC, at (562) 809-4449, or email: info@anderson-tax.com.