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Areas of Practice

Anderson Tax Service, LLC, is a subsidiary
of KSGA, LLP; offers international resources

Anderson, which has been serving the area since 1967, is subsidiary of KSGA, LLP, servicing local businesses with accounting, tax and consulting services since 1994. KSGA, LLP provides international resources to local businesses, in its service offerings. Personal attention to our client’s needs is the cornerstone of our services.

Anderson areas of practice include:

1. Privately Owned Companies

Closely held businesses face unique challenges. With growth of their businesses, the books are no longer maintained exclusively for the privately owned companies. There are now many more interested parties, from banks, partners to bonding companies and the biggest partner of all, government, with whom entrepreneurs must report.

Anderson Tax Service excels in providing a coordinated suite of services to help busy entrepreneurs understand and navigate through complex accounting rules and tax laws, while meeting demands of interested parties. Our unique business services suite includes the following services:

  • a. Captive Insurance Company
  • b. Enterprise Zone
  • c. Benchmarking
  • d. Increasing shareholders value
  • e. Cashflow management
  • f. Green technology

2. International Accounting and Tax Services

International business is no longer a domain of large multinational companies. With improvement and wide availability of internet and telecommunication services, many small to mid-size businesses have become major players in international business.

Whether you are doing business overseas (“outbound”) or you are entering the U.S. from abroad (“inbound"), our multi-lingual professionals can help take the mystery out of entering international business.

Our international accounting and tax services include:

  • Foreign bank account reporting
  • International financial reporting system (IFRS)
  • Foreign earnings repatriation planning
  • Foreign tax credit
  • Foeign Earned Income Exclusion (IRC Sec. 911)
  • Inbound tax planning
  • Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)
  • Transfer pricing (IRC Sec. 482)
  • IC-DISC export incentives
  • Extraterritorial Income Exclusion (EII)
  • Sourcing Rules (Income/Expense apportionment)
  • Foreign earnings and profits
  • International tax compliance
  • FIN 48

3. High Net Worth and
Highly Compensated Individuals

“It is not what you make but what you get to keep.”

—Wise old saying.

For successful business owners who desire to keep more of their hard-earned income, our professionals take the time to understand our clients’ financial objectives.

Be it legacy planning, retirement planning or building a reserve for rainy days, our professionals work hard to develop tax planning strategies for our clients’ cashflows.

Please call Anderson Tax Service to find out what our professionals can do for you.